Incede Software And Consulting (OPC) Pvt. Ltd.

(Formerly known as Infosystems Software And Consulting)


SAP Experts Consultants

At times all a company needs is a few hours of an SAP expert’s time to solve a small issue. While at other times ongoing support from an SAP expert is required as implementing a sophisticated SAP system can be tricky. Without the right partner, problems can multiply and appear more problematic than being a solution. At ISAC, we make things easy for you and your entire team. Our Expert consultants are primed to efficiently manage your SAP project, swiftly handling even the most challenging projects.

The Consultants at ISAC the experience to comprehend end-to-end processes, analyses needs, and provide guidance in order to deliver accelerated results.

What ISAC has to offer?

  • Expert advice on SAP functionality and specifications for customized developments.
  • Collect, analyses and assist in business processes and parameters, data transfer mapping and customized reporting requirements.
  • Suggest solutions based on best business practices to get the maximum out of SAP processes.
  • Identify areas where enhanced SAP functionality can lead to considerable process improvements.
  • Review business processes and compare to the best practices in the market.
  • Research and provide directions for SAP software corrections.
  • Conduct implementation & training workshops.
  • Provide 24 hour support for mission critical system software.

SAP Securities

We are working for SAP Securities for which we are having a Software CheckAud which belongs to IBS Schreiber Gmbh and we are the only partner for sales and Implementation of this Software in complete INDIA.Our Software Solution CheckAud for SAP Systems is a Security Software to show you existing risks in your SAP authorization concept. For example if there are authorizations which are assigned to a user by a wrong role or by a combination of roles. Another example is, to check your Segregations of duty, for example, if there is a user, who is able to create vendor master data, post invoices and start the payment run. We can show you this solution by scanning your own system, for a better understanding. Therefore, the following things are required:

* Installation of the scan-module on one of the Company’s clients, wherefrom we can get an RFC-Access. Nothing will be installed on the SAP-Server !

* One SAP-User who has the authorization to read all tables, and for an RFC-Connection (authorization-objects: S_TABU_DIS+S_RFC). For this, we can use one of your basis administrators !

After this, we can show you, if there are any risks in your system, this part will be done offline!

We are having round about 200 Companies in Europe, are using this solution (Volkswagen AG, T-Systems etc.).

The advantage of this software is, to give your company a high standard of SAP Security